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Pay After Website Design – PAWD

This is a concept brought to you by JVW. According to PAWD you need not pay a single amount in advance to the website designer or developer before the website is done.

Specially for small businesses, pawd is short for pay after website design. Even after being in business for more than 15 years and having sold products and services in over 75 countries, people are still reluctant to pay us money in advance because of the distance. Small business owners are aware of the online frauds that happen and this keeps them back from ordering products and services from websites which have their addresses thousands of miles away from theirs.

Another concern with small businesses is that they are not sure as to the output or the quality of website which is why they are hesitant to pay upfront.

With the introduction of pay after website design you no longer need to be worried about the quality of the work. We will design the website for you as per your liking and you can pay thereafter.

What we require from you will be the basic details that go up on a small business website for example your logo the images you wish to put up on the website, about you and your business, another page for your products or services, details for the contact us page and any other details you wish to put up like your social media profile et cetera.


Question: how much does this cost?

Answer: $150.

Question: is this offer for all your website design services?

Answer: this offer is only available for small business website design.

Question: once I have approved the website design how can I pay you then?

Answer: you can make the payment by PayPal or credit card.

Question: after the website is created what can you help us with?

Answer: we can look at small business website maintenance or search engine optimisation.

Question: who is responsible for the domain name?

Answer: the domain name is supposed to be owned and registered by you under your own name.

Question: what happens if I don’t like the website you created for me and my business.

Answer: we will provide you with an alternate look. If you don’t like that as well then the transaction gets cancelled. You need not pay any amount for the website design work but at the same time you cannot use any part of the code or the design that was created for you.

Question: I received a quote from you for PAWD. What exactly is included in that?

Answer: you will receive responsive website design along with hosting, SSL integration, professional email IDs and the plug-ins that form part of the website. The only things that are NOT part of PAWD quote includes the domain name and the content which you will provide for the website.

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