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It is very difficult to stand out of the crowd of me-too advertisers in the online world these days. A creative solution that had been devised some years ago was the “Pop-Up” advertisement, which would spring out of nowhere on the screen and into the viewer’s vision. Browsers got smart, and they created pop-up blockers and pop-up killers. Which means that your potential clients can no longer get to see the pop-up advertisements that you put your heart in to create.



Title: Javascript popup maker

Relax. The JVW Pop-up Maker and DHTML Ad Generator is here.

The JVW Javascript Popup Maker software and DHTML Ad Generator can help you create JavaScript pop-up advertisements using a wizard-based interface. It is simple, yet powerful. Most importantly, the advertisements cannot be stopped by any of the pop-up blockers.

You can even embed the JVW Pop-up Maker and DHTML Ad Generator technology in an existing advertisement. And sit back and relax, as the browsers on screens around the world fall short in blocking your ad. The result? More sales, and more subscribers, giving you more money!

Here are a few examples of advertisement formats that can be created using the JVW Popup Window Maker and DHTML Ad Generator:

  1. StickME Note: A regular Post-It, this ad shows up smack in the middle of the screen, and can be closed by clicking the Hide button.
  2. Window Ad: A floating window that can be moved around, minimized / maximized / restored as well as closed.
  3. Jumpy Ad: As the name suggests, this ad springs up on the screen and bounces all over the screen.
  4. Force Emailer: A slide-in ad, coming from the left, which invites the user to enter their email address.
  5. Timer Ad: An ad that flashes on the screen, to fade away after a pre-set number of seconds.

You can have a look at the demo of this popup generating software here:


  • Create popup box advertisements with ease! No coding knowledge required whatsoever!
  • The software offers five different styles of pop-up div advertisements.
  • Most importantly, no pop-up blocker can stop your ad from appearing.
  • The software comes with a USD 6.95-worth IP-to-IP messenger tool FREE.
  • Updates are FREE of cost.
  • The software can bypass the SP2 pack of Windows XP.
  • Your ad gets viewed by lot many people.
  • Increase your mailing list as you get a higher number of opt-in subscribers.
  • An Ad that is viewed potentially leads to sale!


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