Where can I hire somebody to run my website?
This is the number 1 question we receive from our potential clients and we always tell them that the answer to that lies in their own hands. There is a difference between I need someone to manage my website AND I wish to hire someone to run my website…

Hire someone to run my websiteManaging the website is part of website maintenance and AMC where you pick a website maintenance package and choose the services which form part of the package; this could mean taking monthly backup of your site, fixing coding errors, upgrading your plugins and other things related to management of your website whereas hiring someone to run your website is more advanced where you rely on the experience and expertise of the person in charge to handle your website completely in a manner which would bring out maximum results for you through the website. This includes domain management, website hosting and content + SEO for small business websites.

We’ve been a website design, SEO & software company since 2002.
By taking on your website maintenance we can
* ensure that your website works properly to benefit your business in the way you always intended.
* Leave you to concentrate on your business doing all the sometimes complicated and tricky website maintenance tasks for you.
* Communicate with you in a way that is to the point and in plain english.

Website Maintenance Services

(Monthly Website Maintenance Contract)
You may work in a marketplace where information on your website is constantly changing. We offer monthly website maintenance packages that allow you to pass on updates and changes to us which can be put on your website immediately.

Manage my website

Website Repairs

Errors can creep into a website, it happens all the time. The effect of these errors can be
* poor search engine performance
* errors in layout
* not working properly in certain browsers
* taking the site completely off-line
* failure to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act
First we would start by producing a report on your site and any work that is needed.
Next we can carry out the website repairs based on hourly fees for the work.

Website Overhaul

Sometimes your website needs a complete overhaul. This can be because:
* you want a new look and feel for your website and need the services of our website graphic designer
* Cumulative changes over a long period can leave a website in a mess. A website overhaul can bring together changes and updates into a new looking, more smoothly working website that will really be a benefit to your business
* New technologies and services come along that you want to use
* Searching patterns change all the time. Sometimes this can be a major shift that requires a website overhaul to reflect your potential customer’s changing interests.

Whatever the case be, whether you need website re-design, website maintenance, if you want to hire someone to manage your small business website or If you are in a situation where you are telling yourself oh my, I need someone to manage my website completely, then you can reach us by telephone, mail or email from our contact & support page and we will help you out.