Small Business Website Maintenance


Website maintenance services for small business owners. This package also includes Wordpress site maintenance and SEO maintenance. Monthly website maintenance cost comes to $21.


Website maintenance for small business websites or home based businesses is an essential service in today’s world. What good is a website if it does not perform to its maximum potential.

Many small business owners will just create a website but then forget about it completely thinking the website will automatically take care of the business. This is NOT right.

You need to keep your site updated and maintained so that your business through your website keeps flourishing.

Here is what can happen if you do not maintain your website:

  1. Your website could get outdated and not load properly. The forms on your website would end up with an error which would not make the website visitor’s message reach you.
  2. Your website would be in a situation where it could get hacked easily.
  3. Your website could get penalised by search engines and you would not even know about it.
  4. You would lose a potential customer because your website did not load properly on the browser/gadget they were using.
  5. You could lose rankings and website traffic because of poor seo maintenance of your website.

How we can help with website maintenance?

  • Scenario – You are going about your day to day business life and you need to market your product/service and need graphic design urgently for your social media or advertising campaign then what do you do?
    You can always contact us, who will be handling your website under the website maintenance contract.
  • Let’s say you want to create a new page but do not know how to manage your website and you don’t know how to add a new page (whether it is based on CMS or it is a static HTML or PHP website), then you can contact us and we will do it for you.
  • Let’s say you want to add a new page to your wordpress blog and you need a content writer to do it for you then you can contact us, your website maintenance experts and we will do it for you.
  • Let’s say your website’s CMS is outdated, your plug-ins are outdated and your website you feel is no longer secure then you can contact us and we can fix it for you so that your website becomes up-to-date and secure.
  • When you are editing or adding something to your website and you made an error and your whole website goes down or does not load properly in a particular browser then that won’t look good in the eyes of a search engine or website visitor so all you need to do is call us and we will fix it for you.

Why JVW for website maintenance?

    • We have been managing, designing and maintaining websites since 2002
    • We are also experts in designing WordPress websites
    • We specialise in search engine optimisation and digital marketing as well so we can help you with SEO maintenance also
    • Not many people concentrate on all aspects of a website; either they just work on the content or they only work on the design part of the website or something else.
    • Jimmy’s Value World will offer you not just one part of the website maintenance service but everything in a package which includes content, design for the website, search engine optimisation, the security and the hosting as well.

Website Maintenance Cost:

For just $21 a month you get:

  • Website design fixes.
  • Graphics support.
  • Seo maintenance.
  • Content support.

Everything that a website needs is handled by us for you.

Read the FAQ below to understand more about this website maintenance package:

Website Maintenance FAQ

Q. “How many times do you help in content change?”

A. Twice a month we will help you with adding, editing, changing or removing content from your website.

Q. “I want a custom site maintenance package”

A. Please feel free to contact us in that case. Not everyone has a fixed need of updating site once a month or checking their website stats twice a month. Different website and different people have different needs – it can be related to content writing, site security, seo maintenance or regular graphics designing for website+social media.

Q. “Is there a Monthly Subscription?”
A. Please contact us if you are looking for monthly subscription website maintenance plans instead of an AMC.

Q. “So you will take care of everything?”
A. Yes and no. Yes we will take care of your website and maintain it but there are limitations.
Content changes are max two times a month. You will provide the content.

Content creation is once in 2 months. We provide content.

Seo report is once a month.

Backups are done daily. (If hosting is managed by JVW).

Site checks for updates are done once a week.

Note: This cost is for a 1 year website maintenance service.