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Have you lost rankings? Are you not getting any traffic no matter what you try? Leave it to the experts! Let’s face it, it isn’t 2008. Things have changed in the SEO market and webmasters need to learn more of SEO in 2020 than they ever have. Are you trying to build links to improve your rankings? Change it and Kill links instead of building them. You heard it right. The bad links that are linking to your site can hurt you. You can also get an unnatural links penalty for this. This is how the sites lose their rankings nowadays. People can also do negative SEO and get your sites ranked out of the top 100 by building bad backlinks towards your site.


Forget the old techniques of SEO. Seo and link building for 2020 is going to be completely opposite of what you have seen in the past. So you have been building links all these years; Good and BAD. The question is which links are considered bad and which links should you remove? The bad links that are pointing towards your website can also harm your website rankings and reputation in the eyes of the search engines the same way the good and natural backlinks can improve your rankings in the search engines.

This update is made by two major search engines, namely Google and Bing. According the search engine algorithms, negative SEO is a truth and can have bad influence on your site. This is why both of these search engines have introduced a feature of disavow links so that you can remove bad links for free. There are certain links that are debatable – for example a link from a particular site could be declared bad by one SEO expert and would advise you to delete it and another seo expert could advice you on keeping it. We are not going to jump into that debate.

Link removal results

We will find out all the links that are bad in nature and which are sure to be considered bad by all search engines and search engine optimization experts. We will help you in your link removal process so that you can remove bad links from Google and Bing. These links can be disavowed using the disavow facility that is available in the search engines like and Cost: $59.95 Domain: 1

Note: This is for a single domain name/website. We will check all your links and give you a report with the bad links that can hurt you and the progress of your website so that they can be deleted immediately. The service offers you two facilities.

  • We shall send you link removal request template for bad backlink removal. This email you can use to send email to site owners so that the can remove your link from their website.
  • We will also create a list of all the harmful sites that are linking to your site. Then we shall also create the disavow.txt file for you which you can upload to the search engines.

Why link destruction is the new link building? Because it is logical and it works!



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