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Let us get serious here. We are not living in the 90s anymore and there are more than 1 ways of accessing your website. People used to access the website with a browser on a PC but this is no longer the case. People want to check out sites on the go.



Responsive Website for mobiles, tablets and computer

Website for MobilesWhy? Because you are losing business if your website is not mobile friendly…

Is your website still NOT ready for these devices?

  • Ipad.
  • Iphone.
  • Android phone.
  • Blackberry.
  • Nokia / Samsung / Motorola / HTC / Other Smart phones.
  • Other Mobiles / Cellular phones and Tablets.

Chances are that your website will look like crap on cellphone if you have not made or re-designed your existing website according to the mobile phone standards.

Some stats:Smart Phone Sales Stats

  1. By the year 2013, the number of smartphone mobiles sold per year was expected to be more than 300 million.
  2. By the end of year (2020) the number of users who use smart phone devices is expected to be more than 6.1 billion globally.
  3. The percentage of smartphone owners who actually abandoned the buying process on a site because the website would not open on their cellphone: 45%
  4. An extra 38% left the website because it was not designed specifically for smartphones hence the users found it too difficult to understand and browse.

The above stats mean there is a continuous rise in smartphone surfers and there are a whole bunch of smartphone handset users that are unable to browse a website or contact the website owner or make a purchase even when they wanted to only because the website owner did not care to make his/her website more mobile phone friendly.

Why not order right now and get yourself a website that works not only on your laptop browser but also on Smartphones, PDAs and Cellular phones?

Features of the services:

  • Get 3 in 1 website: Looks good on desktop or mobile device or tablet.
  • Creation of a mobile friendly blog or website using bootstrap or wordpress.
  • The responsive website created will be light in weight.
  • Easy navigation with navigation aids.
  • Creation and Integration of QR codes.
  • Pages having easy way to contact you through contact page or social plugins.
  • Easy click-to-call integration for people browsing your website on cell phones.

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